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Hub + Regional Nodes

Visual representation of the state of Virginia and the various nodes associated with CCI.

CCI is a highly-connected network that engages higher education institutions, industry, and government, along with non-governmental and economic development organizations. It connects four regional nodes across Virginia, each led by a higher education institution, with the coordinating hub located in Arlington, Virginia. 

The four Regional Nodes encompass Central Virginia, Coastal Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Southwest Virginia, are vibrant centers of research, learning, and innovation tailored to their local ecosystem.

The hub is the core of the network. It coordinates programs, supports the entire network, and houses strong research capabilities that provide a platform for research and innovation growth across the network.

The Regional Nodes are each led by a public institution of higher education and engage industry, local government, and community colleges and universities in their region. Together, the CCI Network engages 40 institutions of higher education.