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AI Assurance Researcher

AI Assurance Researcher

Title: AI Assurance Researcher

Location: Arlington, VA (open for Blacksburg students too)

Start date: Fall 2021 (20 hrs/week)

Duration: 2 years (with a possibility of extension) 

Job Description

As an Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher and engineer, you will work on cutting edge projects in AI assurance, data science, and AI for public policy. In this role, you will work with advanced hardware (i.e. the AI testbed) and software systems to develop computational algorithms and statistical methods that allocate patterns and relationships in large volumes of data (refer to: Additionally, you will define assurance and testing methods for AI systems.

Your work will include a research component (performing experiments, studying data-driven policy making, and co-authoring journal and conference papers), as well as a development component. Example technologies required for this position include: R, Python, Spark, MongoDB, Hadoop, and SQL. However, the choice of programming languages is based on candidate’s preferences.

Who can apply?

All Virginia Tech graduate students (ECE students will have a preference). PhD students are highly encouraged to apply (especially ones that aim to work on AI for their thesis). M.Sc. and MA students are also accepted; however, they need to be in their first year (i.e. if you graduate in Spring 2022 or later, you qualify).

Hiring process
  1. Short audio interview, 
  2. Video/in-person interview, 
  3. Technical test, 
  4. Selection!

Compensation is highly competitive. Tuition is included.

How to Apply

Email your CV (including a phone number and your graduation date) to the following email address:

Please use the following email title: AI Assurance Position