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Austin Shock

Project Coordinator

Austin Shock Headshot
Get to Know Me

I love what I do because...
students and technology are the future and we are the intersection of the two.

Something that excites me about the cybersecurity field...
is how dynamic the industry is. Everything changes, and changes fast, and it's our job to make sure we're the ones leading the change.

I first discovered my passion for this work...
When I graduated from undergrad and started working with students in higher education, I realized that I have a passion for higher education and pushing the envelope for innovation.

My hidden talent is...
I'm fluent in American Sign Language.


Shock's work focuses on managing projects alongside a team from inception into fruition.

Austin Shock has spent the past two years working in higher education while simultaneously working on and completing his Master's in Education and Human Development.

Alma Mater
He earned a BS from American University and an MA from George Washington University.