Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) is a $25-million effort funded in the 2018-20 Virginia budget. It calls on higher education institutions and industry to build an ecosystem of cyber-related research, education, and engagement. The goal is to position Virginia as a world leader where cybersecurity meets data analytics, machine learning, and autonomous systems.

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The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) will create a Commonwealth-wide ecosystem of innovation excellence in cyberphysical systems (CPS) with an emphasis on trust and security. CCI will ensure Virginia is recognized as a global leader in secure CPS and in the digital economy more broadly for decades to come by supporting world-class research at the intersection of data, autonomy, and security; promoting technology commercialization and entrepreneurship; and preparing future generations of innovators and research leaders. CCI will build on Virginia’s strong base of research excellence, its innovative and diverse higher education system, vibrant ecosystem of venture capital investment and high-growth firms, and unparalleled density of cybersecurity talent.

CCI is a highly-connected Network that engages of institutions of higher education, industry, and government, along with non-governmental and economic development organizations. It will connect Regional Nodes across the Commonwealth, each led by an institution of higher education. Regional Nodes will be vibrant centers of research, learning, and innovation tailored to their local ecosystem. To ensure success, CCI Regional Nodes will be certified by VRIC consistent with the commitment of Regional Node partners to the goals of the initiative.

After five months of discussions with over 80 stakeholders from 50 organizations, the CCI Blueprint was delivered to the Virginia Research Investment Committee on December 1, 2018.