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Luiz DaSilva

Executive Director

Luiz A. DaSilva is the inaugural executive director of CCI. He is an internationally recognized cybersecurity expert with a reputation for leadership and innovation in wireless communications and networks research. His 21 years of experience in academia includes 17 years as a professor at Virginia Tech.

His most recent position prior to CCI was as a professor of telecommunications at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and director of CONNECT – the Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Future Communications and Network. CONNECT is a multi-university initiative that focuses on future networks and communications, convening the expertise of 250 researchers across 10 universities in Ireland.

DaSilva is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for his contributions to cognitive networking and to resource management in wireless networks. He pioneered the application of game theory to analyze and design wireless networks, authoring the first book on the topic. He is also responsible for seminal work on cognitive networking and spectrum and network sharing. He has authored two books, more than 250 peer-reviewed papers, and is a frequent keynote speaker and invited lecturer around the world.

DaSilva earned his Ph.D., master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas. He is an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer (2015-18), a Fellow of Trinity College, and a former Virginia Tech College of Engineering Faculty Fellow.