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CCI xG Testbed

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative’s xG Testbed supports research, experimentation, and prototyping of developing network and AI technologies.

CCI researchers and our industry and government partners can work with the Testbed, which emphasizes programmability and interoperability. Key capabilities include securing 5G and next-generation mobile networks and AI assurance.

Open Testing and Integration Center (OTIC)

The Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Alliance designated the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative as North American (OTIC) in Washington D.C./Arlington Va. The CCI xG Testbed at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington provides testing capabilities for end-to-end radio access network interoperability, conformance, and performance in lab and field environments.

Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN)

CCI’s xG Testbed is conducting first-of-its-kind research in O-RAN. The indoor radio network (72 software-defined radio systems, or SDRs) at the CCI hub in Arlington, Va., features 72 software-defined radio systems, or SDRs.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

CCI is using the xG Testbed to conduct first-of-its-kind research in CBRS. The outdoor CBRS private network will incorporate Virginia Tech’s priority access license (PAL) for the CBRS spectrum in two Virginia counties. This spectrum is being used in production and research to create a private 5G network that will monitor flood control, and to deploy an outdoor component of the CCI xG Testbed.

Stroubles Creek Outdoor Testing Site

The Stroubles Creek project involves the construction of a Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) private network. CCI researchers will be able to conduct studies and experiments through the deployment of the outdoor environment being built in Blacksburg, Va.

Acceptable Use Policies and Guidelines

The CCI xG Testbed is a platform designed to allow researchers from academia, industry, and government to experiment with wireless and mobile network technologies and protocols with a focus on cybersecurity, intelligent and autonomous systems, and experiments.

Meet the Testbed Team

Aloizio P. DaSilva, CCI xG Testbed director, leads a team of faculty and postdoc researchers, graduate research assistants, and interns.