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Securing Softwarization and Disaggregation in NextG: Call to Disaggregate Trust Management

Principal Investigator:

Duminda Wijsekera, professor and acting chair, cybersecurity engineering department, George Mason University

Co-Principal Investigators:

Aloizio DaSilva, research assistant professor and CCI xG Testbed director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, electrical and computer engineering, Virginia Tech

Vijay K. Shah, assistant professor, cybersecurity, George Mason University

Securing Softwarization and Disaggregation in NextG:  Call to Disaggregate Trust Management Project Description:

Software is expected to transform NextG wireless networks into a networks-as-a-service paradigm, providing improved efficiency, flexibility, and resilience. NextG is predicted to enable multiple networks to share the same physical infrastructure for multiple concurrent services while still having their own requirements. Such a service-oriented NextG system is being envisioned to support such applications as autonomous ground and airborne systems, Industrial Internet of Things, tele-medicine, and augmented and virtual reality. In this project, researchers plan to study trust management in remote access networks and cores, building security and resilience into multi-remote access networks, multi-core NextG systems. Researcher will use the capabilities at the CCI xG Testbed in Arlington, Virginia and George Mason University’s CCI Innovation Lab.