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Recent Call for Proposals

CCI Cybersecurity Research Collaboration Funding Call for Proposal

Deadline: 10/30/2020

This CCI Cybersecurity Research Collaboration funding program aims to create cross-pollination opportunities for the cybersecurity researchers to collaborate across the Commonwealth and to develop a Commonwealth-wide ecosystem of innovation excellence in cybersecurity.   CCI’s mission of research, innovation, and workforce development is focused at the intersection of security, autonomous systems, and data.  

Arts and Design Collaboration Call for Proposal

Deadline: 11/2/2020

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) is pleased to announce a call for proposals for Arts and Design researchers to collaborate with cybersecurity researchers. The program challenges the community of researchers in the Arts and Design to reimagine and depict the results of cybersecurity research (and in particular research that occurs in CCI) either for scientific purposes, or for creative arts practice purposes.

CCI Southwest Virginia Node Research, Innovation, & Workforce Development Funding 

Deadline: 11/2/2020

Call for proposals for researchers at CCI Southwest Virginia Node institutions to work on projects related to fast, secure, and customizable communications systems and technologies, including 5G, AI, ML, defense-in-depth cybersecurity solutions, emerging technologies (such as 6G and quantum algorithms) and cryptographic protocols, applications to transportation, energy, autonomous systems, manufacturing, and agriculture, and as well issues surrounding human factors, privacy, ethics, and global security in modern society.