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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Course Materials

These course materials are part of a CCI-funded 2020 experiential learning project. The University of Virginia (UVA) has a new graduate education and research program in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) created through a National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT) award. The education program includes new core and in-depth classes, hands-on team-based projects, ethics, policy, professional development, leadership, and industry input on real world needs and problems. The courses integrate materials from multiple areas and emphasize the intersection between the cyber and the physical. This is important for CPS education. While it is impractical to export the entire program, we are currently disseminating materials from four classes that are already designed and being taught at UVA. Through sharing the curricular developments of our multi-disciplinary CPS program, we hope to impact the broader CPS community by providing faculty the resources (slides, homework, handouts, labs, projects) to create or integrate all or some of our materials into their courses to train future CPS engineers. 

Brief description of each course:

Formal Methods, Safety and Security

This course teaches students the foundational concepts of formal methods that enable the model-based design of safety-critical CPSs with mathematically rigorous guarantees, as well as important safety and security issues in various CPS applications. 

Mobile and IoT Security and Privacy

This course teaches students the foundational concepts of security and privacy principles and techniques for CPS by focusing on aspects of system and network security that arise in this challenging and ever-evolving space of smartphones and IoT platforms. 

Principles of Modeling for Cyber-Physical Systems

This course will provide a solid foundation for understanding different modeling paradigms, and explore them through a deep dive and hands on implementation for three CPS domains: Energy, Medical, and Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems. 

Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Control

This course provides fundamental core material in signal processing, machine learning, and feedback control, highlighting the intersection of the cyber and the physical and how they impact each other. 

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