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Inclusion and Diversity Committee Charter

CCI's Inclusion and Diverstiy Committee's charter states our vision, goals, objectives, and direction.

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (hereafter referred to as CCI) has a mission to establish Virginia as a global center of excellence in cybersecurity research and serve as a catalyst for the commonwealth’s economic diversification and long-term leadership in the cybersecurity sector.

CCI’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee provides consultative guidance to CCI leadership, CCI regional nodes, and other stakeholders about the importance of upholding diversity and inclusion in alignment with CCI’s mission, vision, and strategic plan.

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are important principles of CCI’s strategic goals. 

In today’s fast-paced information technology dependent economy and global community the field of cybersecurity is important and requires multiple perspectives, viewpoints, voices, and backgrounds at the table to effectively address the complex challenges, opportunities, and possibilities for innovation, research, and workforce development. 

By embracing diversity and inclusion through the creation of a consultative inclusion and diversity committee, CCI seeks to ensure that a wide range of backgrounds and viewpoints are harnessed in its goals, programming objectives, and tangible outcomes. 

Each year, members of CCI's Inclusion and Diversity Committee collaborate with CCI leadership and nodes to ensure diversity and inclusion are built into decision-making processes. 

In addition, committee members provide written guidance and recommendations to CCI’s leadership committee and work to plan educational or research development programming that expands CCI’s mission in the context of diversity and inclusion.

CCI’s Inclusion & Diversity Committee should consist of:

  • One CCI representative from each of the four regional nodes (Central Virginia, Coastal Virginia, Northern Virginia, and Southwest Virginia).
  • One representative from the Hub.
  • One external representative from the cybersecurity private sector. 

In addition to these six members, there can be up to four additional “at-large members.”  

A term limit for a CCI Inclusion & Diversity Committee member is two years, with the option to renew at the conclusion of the second year for an additional term. No committee member is permitted to serve for more than two consecutive terms.

Terms begin on July 1 and end on June 30. The Northern Virginia Node and Central Virginia Node representative terms end on odd-numbered years. The Coastal Node and Southwest Virginia Node representative terms end on even-numbered years.

A. Responsibilities of Committee At-Large

  • Review CCI data for diversity and inclusion implications and advise accordingly.
  • Lead the planning of a professional development educational event (in the Fall and Spring) that links the field of cybersecurity to relevant diversity, equity, or inclusion topics.
  • Oversee the formal call asking for members to join the CCI Inclusion and  DiversityCommittee when spots are vacant, including sending the call to the Hub, managing the collection of applicants, reviewing interested names submitted, and making final recommendations to the CCI Director on the makeup of the committee.

B. Responsibilities of the Committee Members

  • Attend and actively participate in monthly CCI Inclusion & Diversity Committee Meetings.
  • Provide perspective and guidance to CCI leadership including regional directors and/or advisory board members on the diversity and inclusion implications of how CCI is progressing to meet its vision, mission, and strategic plan.
  • Attend and participate in the CCI Symposium, held in April in Richmond.
  • Help to recruit a diverse cohort of reviewers for CCI projects or awards. 
  • (individual), serve as a reviewer (when requested), help to amplify CCI Calls for Proposals (CFPs).

C. Responsibilities of Committee Chair

One of the members of the CCI Inclusion & Diversity Committee will be elected by the Committee members to the role of Chair. The term of the Committee Chair is two years. 

When the two-year term is completed, the Chair is eligible to remain on the Committee for one additional year as a non-voting consultant (this does not count toward the node-specific member requirement).

In addition to the standard expectations of a Committee member, the Chair is also responsible for the following:

  • Meet quarterly with the CCI Executive Director (or as needed).  
  • Organize the monthly CCI Inclusion & Diversity Committee Meeting.
  • Create and distribute an agenda (or relevant materials) to the Committee.  
  • Attend the annual CCI Symposium and in-person CCI Leadership Retreat.
  • Provide a diversity & inclusion update at the CCI Leadership Retreat.
  • Attend at least one CCI leadership meeting each quarter.