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CCI Resources Help Grad Students Climb Ladder to Success

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative in Southwest Virginia creates “ladders” (research and innovation-focused programs) to help graduate students pursue careers in cybersecurity.

graduate students path through chutes and ladders

Graduate school can feel like a game of Chutes and Ladders. 

Many Southwest Virginia students in security-related fields exceed their peers through Commonwealth Cyber Initiative programs that lift them toward future careers. 

For example, students can apply for the  Cyber Innovation Scholars Program , which offers resources to secure internships, publish papers, and present at conferences.

The Student Researcher Showcase, scheduled for  March 22, 2024, offers participants the chance to present cyber-related research projects to professors, industry professionals, and students from institutions across Southwest Virginia. 

Many students who participated in the 2023 showcase went on to present their research projects at the statewide Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Symposium in Richmond in 2023.

By using CCI resources, student researchers are on a path to cybersecurity workforce while helping other cybersecurity student researchers find their footing — and avoid the chutes.