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AI-Based Analysis of Misinformation Efforts Creating Anti-U.S. Perceptions

Principal Investigator: 
Hamdi Kavak, assistant professor, computational and data sciences, George Mason University

Co-Principal Investigators: 
Saltuk Karahan, lecturer and program coordinator, political science and geography, Old Dominion University; Hongyi Wu, director, School of Cybersecurity, Old Dominion University; Kimberly Perez, professor, information systems technology, Tidewater Community College

Project Description: 
Online disinformation and misinformation campaigns can target the reputation of the United States overseas and affect foreign policy. For this project, researchers will use artificial intelligence to investigate such misinformation/disinformation campaigns, in particular how they may generate anti-U.S. public perception in other countries. The project will rely on data from Turkey, a key U.S. ally and NATO member. The project will collect data from various social media and news sources, analyze the trends using AI techniques, and understand the roles of several actors in shaping public opinion by using misinformation/disinformation campaigns. The results could show how negative social media campaigns impact foreign policy.