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Machine Learning Disinformation Detection in Autonomous Vehicle Systems

Principal Investigator: 

Haiying Shen, associate professor, computer science, University of Virginia

Co-Principal Investigator: 
Michael Gorman, professor, engineering systems and the environment, University of Virginia

Project Description: 
Future transportation could become a distributed system of connected autonomous vehicles, such as self-driving cars, and other related components. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication can make vehicles vulnerable to attacks. Hackers can insert false information into the system so drivers think everything is OK, but in reality an accident is about to happen. Current solutions to preventing the fault information attacks may be too slow. At the same time, human drivers need to be able to trust in the system that’s behind the wheel. Adoption and acceptance of V2V depends on it. To solve this problem, this project will design a machine learning-based disinformation detection system and also perform a study about human trust in the system.