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2023 CCI Research Showcase Call for Papers

Submissions due April 24, 2023

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CCI wants to highlight the impressive work that our network of researchers have done by showcasing selected peer-reviewed papers that have been published or accepted for publication in the past two years.

Send your published or accepted papers, and we’ll feature a curated collection of significant, influential research in our showcase, which will increase the readership and impact of your work.

Please keep in mind that the paper must be focused on cybersecurity. Papers that only focus on, for example, 5G or artificial intelligence, but not the cybersecurity aspect of those technologies, will not be considered.

We will prioritize papers that have benefited from CCI programs and credit CCI.

Submissions from under-represented groups are particularly welcome, as are submissions from researchers who have not previously engaged with CCI. Women, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit their work.

Papers will be featured on our website, in social media posts, in the CCI annual report, and other CCI publications.

We’ll also work with your home university to spread the word about your research.

How to submit your paper

Submission requirements:

  • Paper Title
  • Author(s)
  • Venue (name of publication, magazine, conference)
  • Date of publication or acceptance of publication
  • Link to full PDF of the paper
  • Impact: Using language written for a lay audience, explain how the paper has significantly advanced the cybersecurity field and why it should be considered for the CCI Research Showcase.

Information about the researcher(s)

  • Brief biographical information (college or university, school or department; degree; etc.)
  • Contact information such as email
  • Personal website, if applicable.

Send questions to

Email your submission as a PDF or Word document to with LastName_research-showcase2023 in the subject line.

Submissions open: March 31, 2023
Deadline: April 24, 2023, 5 p.m. ET
Notification of acceptance: May 12, 2023

Benefits of sharing your paper

  • Increase academic citations.
  • Raise awareness of your work within the CCI community.
  • Inspire others to reach out for collaborative partnerships.
  • Increase access to and discoverability of your work online through SEO indexing. 
  • Share key discoveries with those who might not read the entire paper.
  • Boost data sharing and become a resource for researchers in the same or similar fields.
  • Prevent others from wasting time repeating research that’s already been done.