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Cyber Risk Management and Analytics

Principal Investigator: 
Chon Abraham, associate professor of Management Information Systems, Mason School of Business, William & Mary

Co-Principal Investigators: 
Iria Giuffrida, professor of the Practice of Law, deputy director, Center of Legal Court Technology, School of Law, visiting faculty of Business Law, Mason School of Business, William & Mary; Aaron Koehl, clinical associate professor of Business Analytics, Mason School of Business, William & Mary; Joe Wilck, PE, clinical associate professor, Business Analytics, faculty director, Business Analytics Programs, Mason School of Business, William & Mary

Project Description: 
Students will learn how cyber risk is defined in organizations, methods for collecting threat intelligence, legal and compliance constraints, and quantifying relevant cyber data to analyze options for defense and mitigation. In addition, students will learn about the business, legal, and technical aspects of cyber risk management by working on real-world projects for companies providing data analytics-driven cyber risk management services.