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Moving Choreography to a New Universe

Principal Investigator:

Kate Sicchio, assistant professor, dance and media technologies, Virginia Commonwealth University

Co-Principal Investigators: 

CCI Node Affiliation:

 Central Virginia

Project Description: 

When developing choreography using technology, a legacy is left beyond the ephemeral material of movement.

There are libraries of data such as photos, motion capture data or even biofeedback from sensors.

How can this data still be used and not breach privacy concerns of dancers and performers who may not realize the longevity of the data they have provided, or the implications of future uses of this data?

This project aims to develop an AI algorithm-driven deep learning framework to detect, identify, extract the dancer bodies in specific dancing scenes, and use the generative adversarial network (GAN) model to cover-up and translate the image to protect the privacy of the dancer.