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Training in the Integration of Cyber Physical Systems and Security

Project Leads: 
- Signal Processing, Machine Learning and Control, will be taught by John A. Stankovic, the BP America Professor of Computer Science.
- Formal Methods, Safety, and Security will be taught by Lu Feng, an assistant professor of computer science.
- Mobile and Internet of Things Security and Privacy will be taught by Yian Tian, an assistant professor of computer science.

Project Description: 
Graduate students are a critical component of the pipeline for cyber talent, especially in fields like cyber physical system security. In this project, researchers at the University of Virginia will adapt three graduate-level cyber physical systems courses with associated hands-on labs that can be adopted by universities throughout the commonwealth. The courses will address real-world industry needs and problems, based on input from an established industrial advisory board, and will feature workshops on verbal and written communication, leadership opportunities through group projects, and sessions on ethics and entrepreneurship.