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Pilot Program For Novel Experiential Learning

Principal Investigators: 
Karen L. Livingston, associate director of entrepreneurship programs at George Mason University; Diane R. Murphy, professor of information management at Marymount University; and Sarah M. Spalding, interim associate dean of the School of Business and Technology at Marymount University.

Project Description: 
Startup companies are an important part of the Virginia cybersecurity ecosystem and they need cybersecurity talent, but are often limited in hiring because they don’t have adequate financial resources and the cost of labor is high. By offering opportunities for students to obtain experiential learning at cybersecurity startups with a focus on innovation, this program will foster creativity and entrepreneurship in students and connect startups with potential future employees. Participating students will not only develop their technical skills with real-world experience, but will also gain valuable soft skills, such as critical thinking and communication, that are essential in the dynamic startup environment. Furthermore, being part of the cybersecurity innovation ecosystem during their college education will encourage students to take advantage of these connections to stay in Virginia once they graduate and begin their professional careers.Experiential learning through the Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship program.