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Open-source, Multi-band, Multi-dimensional Spectrum Access System

Central Virginia Node

Principal Investigator: 
Open-source, Multi-band, Multi-dimensional Spectrum Access system with Interfaces to Wireless Testbeds and Network Simulation Software

Co-Principal Investigators: 
Cong Shen, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering, University of Virginia

Project Description: 
The main objective of this project is to build an open-source and multi-dimensional spectrum access system (MD-SAS) that covers a wide array of bands that are of practical interest in dynamic spectrum sharing. The sharp focus of this work is on three technical aspects: (1) MD-SAS testbed development and prototyping; (2) Interfacing of the MDSAS with experiment management/ performance measurement software and integration with both hardware testbeds and network simulation and measurement software; and (3) research of a novel hybrid sensing and ARQ design and its realization in the proposed MD-SAS system. These three research activities build on prior work by the PI and co-PI, but are substantially novel contributions that have potential to greatly increase efficiency of radio frequency (RF) spectrum use in shared RF bands. In particular, this project will demonstrate, as a pilot research, that the developed MD-SAS system and its companion network performance evaluation and simulation software can be widely used by researchers in the Commonwealth for their own research efforts in spectrum engineering.