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CCI Opens Call for Proposals for Scalable Pilot Experiential Learning Program

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The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative has opened a call for proposals for experiential learning programs designed to help prepare students for a fulfilling career in cybersecurity.

CCI is seeking proposals for experiential learning projects that build on the expertise of the CCI network's higher education institutions and extend experiential learning opportunities aligned with CCI to students across Virginia.

The objective is to enhance students’ essential skills to enter the cybersecurity workforce once they finish their current studies; CCI is particularly interested in projects that expose students to experiences in industry.

With this grant, CCI will support programs that are already successful at the institution or Node level, and could potentially be expanded to serve the entire commonwealth. In the blueprint process for CCI, it became clear that institutions across Virginia already provide exceptional and unique experiential learning and internship opportunities to their students. CCI intends to help scale those programs.

CCI’s mission is to establish Virginia as a global leader in research, innovation, and workforce development at the intersection of security, autonomous systems, and data. The initiative has a Hub and Node structure––the CCI Hub coordinates the entire network and the four CCI Nodes focus on specific regions across the state.

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