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VASEM Summit: Securing the Future of Cyberspace

October 25, 2022

cci symposium

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial concerns facing our society today. In our digital and connected world, cyber threats can ripple across the globe. A cyberattack can bring down a power grid, cripple major corporations, hold our private information hostage, spread disinformation, and more. 

The Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine provides objective, nonpartisan guidance to decision makers on some of the most challenging issues of the day. The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative is proud to be a part of this legacy by hosting the VASEM 2022 Summit.

Building cybersecurity into wireless networks, connected devices, autonomous vehicles, industrial systems and other areas will keep our data and devices secure, so we can safely enjoy the advantages that a connected world offers.

Those attending the summit learned:

  • Why we need to plan now to secure the next wave of fast networks.
  • How cybersecurity is evolving to meet future needs.
  • What Virginia researchers are doing to protect the way we live.
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