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Internship Fair 2022

September 22-23, 2022

Informational graphic about CCI Internship Fair 2022

Informational graphic about CCI Internship Fair 2022

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) will connect students with internship and apprenticeship opportunities with more than 20 employers at our free online Internship Fair on September 22-23.

Start Your Career Now

Internships play a critical role in building a flourishing career, offering work experience and practical knowledge, while providing the opportunity to build a professional network.

If you’re in the STEM and cybersecurity fields of study, employers want you; they’re open to students in other disciplines, as well.

We've partnered with Brazen, an experienced provider of virtual internship fairs, to help you make connections.

Young man works on digital tablet in front of server cabinet. Photo by iStock

Young man works on digital tablet in front of server cabinet
Internships allow you to explore different fields and organizations within industry, government, and academia. After graduation, some companies hire their interns for full-time jobs.

CCI's virtual internship fair includes group discussions with employers and one-on-one sessions:

  • Day One: Attend a series of informational panels in which employers will share an overview of their intern and apprentice programs. You’ll have the chance to discuss organizations with program leaders, get tips on applying for positions, and learn about job expectations. 
  • Day Two: Visit organizations’ and institutions’ virtual booths. You can also create a profile, upload your résumé, and connect with recruiters and program leaders through a one-on-one live message or group and individual calls.

Hear Employers' Requirements, Wishes, Expectations

Employer representatives include:

Talented interns can become future employees, equipped with in-depth knowledge about an organization and its work culture. 

If you’re an employer who’d like to participate in the internship fair, contact CCI’s Kendall Beebe. 

The event is free to participate in and there is no requirement for companies to hire interns and no required minimum of hiring.

Internship Fair 2022 FAQs

Go to the registration site and sign up. If you have any problems, contact CCI's Kendall Beebe.

Contact CCI's Kendall Beebe, who’ll send a new calendar hold.

This will be the first impression you make on a potential employer. Make it a good one.  

  • Check your résumé for accuracy, grammar, spelling, and typos. Be sure your contact information (email, phone number) is accurate.
  • Check your camera and headphones/earbuds to ensure they’ll work the day of the event.
  • Look around the part of the room that will be on camera. Is it clean or cluttered? Do you have potentially embarrassing posters on the walls? Is laundry tossed across a chair? Be sure anything that could distract someone is not visible on camera.
  • If you’re interested in specific companies, read their websites and take notes.

Dress up a little. We encourage participants to wear business formal clothing.

Even if you’re targeting companies with casual offices (e.g.  start-up or tech), wear a professional outfit. This tells potential employers that you’re serious about the organization and the possibility of working there.

Other advice:

  • Have your résumé ready to upload. 
  • Be sure your camera is on.
  • Participate in discussions and have questions prepared.
  • Have a pen and paper ready to take notes about organizations and people who catch your interest. You might want to reach out to them during breakout sessions.
  • Keep a bottle of water handy to stay hydrated.
  • Close the door to the room you’re in to prevent pets or people appearing on camera.

Yes, we encourage it. Submit questions to CCI’s Kendall Beebe.

In the past, students have asked:

  • What do you look for in a candidate?
  • What do you want to see on a résumé?
  • I’m a freshman. What skills should I develop to be attractive to your industry?
  • What types of projects do interns work on at your organization?
  • What are your hiring timelines for internship and/or full-time positions?

If an employer shares his or her contact information, send a thank-you email within 24 hours of the fair. 

Follow up on any information requested, or ask a follow-up question if you have one, and reference something specific in your conversation to jog his or her memory about you.

If you ask a question and don’t hear back, a follow-up email is appropriate after two weeks.

Even if you don’t receive a response, sending a thank-you message is an important part of your interaction.

About the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI)

CCI, which is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia, focuses on the intersection of security, autonomous systems, and data through research, innovation, and workforce development. 

We’re a highly connected statewide network  of 41 higher education institutions, more than 320 faculty researchers, and a number of industry partners. 

Virginia consistently has about 50,000 job openings in the cybersecurity field. Connecting students to internship opportunities is part of CCI’s workforce development mission, and we’re excited to introduce the commonwealth’s deep student talent pool to potential employers at our internship fair. 

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