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Workforce Initiatives

In order to meet the continuously expanding demand for cybersecurity professionals, CCI NoVa Node is developing new populations of talent to expand the pipeline of cybersecurity expertise in addition to, and beyond, those seeking degrees in cybersecurity, computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, information technology, and related majors. CCI NoVa Node is specifically developing programs to target populations earlier in the pipeline, such as in k-12, and in new sectors for tech talent, including career changers and those not yet skilled in typical cybersecurity-related abilities.

Experiential Learning, such as internships, research assistantships, and apprenticeships, remain one of the most effective mechanisms for developing real-world cybersecurity skills. CCI NoVa Node has made significant investments in workforce expansion by developing and funding experiential learning opportunities that not only expand the breadth of skills, but seek to expand the pipeline of cybersecurity expertise. By leveraging experiential learning to instill new skills in a new workforce who otherwise would not have access to robust learning opportunities, CCI NoVa Node is successfully widening the talent pipeline.