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Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate Research Program


One of the ways in which CCI NoVa Node supports the cybersecurity talent pipeline is through the support of undergraduate research assistantships. This experiential learning program provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in cutting edge research directly with NoVa Node faculty, broadening their technical skills under the tutelage of leading experts in the field. Through this program, our students have presented at conferences, published papers, and have developed relationships that have helped with career placement post-graduation.

Examples of projects include:

  • SAWBRID: SmArt WhiteBoard Replacement Device
  • Securing the Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence
  • Secure 5G-based Indoor Positioning of Firefighters Using UAVs
  • The Cyber Workforce Gap's Impact on Organizations



Additionally, this provides support in furthering our faculty's research, especially foundational research that is not yet mature enough to attract external funding. 

If you are NoVa Node faculty and interested in hosting an undergraduate research assistant, contact us!