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Educator Cybersecurity Professional Development

K - 12 Educator Professional Development in Cybersecurity

The White House release of the National Cyber Workforce and Education Strategy highlights the importance of ecosystem-wide approaches in developing the foundational cyber skills needed in a rapidly evolving technological world. As the need for these technical skills becomes increasingly ubiquitous, k - 12 education is a vital component in fostering the cyber talent pipeline.

With the Virginia Department of Education's ongoing review and revision of the Computer Science Standards of Learning, supporting our teachers and educators in their continuing professional development is a necessary step in meeting the White House strategy.

CCI NoVa Node is proud to partner with CYBER.ORG to provide Northern Virginia educators with the skills, resources, and confidence to engage their students in developing foundational cyber skills, regardless of their academic backgrounds.  After applying and being accepted into the program by NoVa Node, participants must engage in at least five cybersecurity-related workshops, implement lessons on the associated topics, and engage in virtual cohort meetings. For their participation and successful completion of the program requirements, participants receive both professional development hours and a stipend supported by NoVa Node.

In two iterations of this program, CCI NoVa Node and CYBER.ORG have engaged with 45 educators from across our region, impacting over 4,700 k - 12 students. The amplification of this training is critical to broadening and developing the next generation of the cyber talent pipeline.


If you are a k - 12 educator in the NoVa Node region and are interested in learning more about, or joining, this program, please contact us!