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Mason students complete cyber workforce experience

April 26, 2024

A Mason student cohort has completed the Solving the Cyber Workforce & Skills Challenges through Experiential Learning, a project funded by the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI).

Row of students at George Mason
Mason cybersecurity students got a step ahead in their careers through an experiential learning project funded by CCI. Photo provided by Mason

The project, part of CCI's strategy to provide students with industry experience and enhance their skill sets to better prepare them to enter the cybersecurity workforce, was led by George Mason University researchers Brian Ngac, adjunct professor, information sciences and technology, and Nirup Menon, professor, information systems and operations management.

“It’s more than a group project,” Ngac said in a Mason news story about the project. “It’s more than a class project. It’s real world experience that you can put on your résumé, which will set you apart from your peers.” 

The Mason team has run experiential learning projects since spring 2021.