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Funded Projects

Research is integral to CCI's mission. The statewide initiative funds collaborative projects that reach across disciplines and geography to find new solutions. 



The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative funded nine projects for a total of about $900,000 as part of its Experiential Learning Grant Call for Proposals.  Learn more about each of the research collaboration projects.

CCI Cybersecurity Research Collaboration 2021 Program

CCI Regional Nodes funded six projects for a total of $750,000 in 2021. Read the call for proposals. Learn more about each of the funded research collaboration projects. 

Securing NextG 2021 Program

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative funded nine projects for a total of $900,000 in late 2021 as part of its Securing NextG Call for ProposalsLearn more about each of the research collaboration projects.

Additional Funded Projects

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative has funded 22 research proposals for a total of $4 million, the initiative announced Dec. 18, 2020. Each of these projects represents a collaboration between faculty members at two or more universities in Virginia, including George Mason University (GMU), James Madison University (JMU), Old Dominion University (ODU), University of Virginia (UVA), Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Virginia Tech (VT), and William & Mary. MITRE Corp. and the Global Center for Automotive Performance Simulation (GCAPS), an affiliated company of Virginia Tech, also are participating. 

CCI has a Hub and Node structure––the CCI Hub coordinates the entire network and the four CCI Nodes focus on specific regions in Virginia. Projects are organized by node:

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative has funded five new projects that connect the CCI network with Virginia’s arts and design research community, the initiative announced Dec. 18, 2020. The CCI Building Bridges Arts and Design Collaboration Program engages the community of researchers in arts and design to reimagine and depict the results of cybersecurity research either for scientific or creative arts purposes. CCI has worked in partnership with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at VT and the Da Vinci Center at VCU to create the program. Ben Knapp, founding director of ICAT, and Allison Schumacher, director of academic alchemy at the da Vinci Center, have been instrumental.  

CCI has a Hub and Node structure––the CCI Hub coordinates the entire network and the four CCI Nodes focus on specific regions in Virginia. The CCI Building Bridges Arts and Design Collaboration Program grant awardees, including principal investigator (PI) and CCI Node affiliation, are: 

A Self-Calibrating, Network-Based, Portable High-Density Loudspeaker Array for Evaluation of Cybersecurity Data and Artistic Expression (Southwest VA Node)

Develop a Gamified Mobile Application for Cybersecurity Education and Assessment via a User-Centered Design Process (Coastal VA Node)

Exploring AI and 5G Capabilities for Enabling Online, Real-time Networked Music Collaboration (Southwest VA Node)

Moving Choreography to a New Universe: an AI-Driven Privacy Automation Approach (Central VA Node)

UNDELETED (Northern VA Node)

Earlier this year, the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative sought proposals for scalable pilot programs for experiential learning from member institutions across Virginia that would provide students with industry experience and enhance their skillsets to better prepare them to enter the cybersecurity workforce. The program supports Virginia’s Commonwealth Cyber Initiative that aims to create a statewide ecosystem of excellence in cyber-physical systems and serve as a catalyst for research, innovation, talent development, and commercialization of technologies at the intersection of security, autonomy, and data.

A panel of faculty from CCI member institutions reviewed the submissions and awarded funding for six experiential learning projects to faculty and their students across the state:

Cyber startups: Pilot program for novel experiential learning

Experiential learning through the Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program

AI-Security Living Lab Experience (AISLE)

Training in the Integration of Cyber Physical Systems and Security

Drone Racing Competition: Learning, Defending, and Attacking

Data poisoning and satellite reconnaissance: Bridging application and education