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Speed Briefing

The Speed Briefing is an opportunity for researchers and students to provide a short presentation on their research, research focus area, or research idea to fellow researchers and students from across the commonwealth. The goal of the Speed Briefings is to provide members of the CCI network a shared understanding of ongoing research projects, future research ideas, and foster future collaboration opportunities among like-minded researchers and students. On the Symposium Registration Form, attendees must select one of the following Research/Interest Focus Areas:

  • 5G & NextG
  • AI Assurance        
  • Autonomous Systems & Smart Technologies:  Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics, Drones, Smart City, Smart Medicine, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Agriculture
  • Human Side:  Mis/Dis Information, Privacy, Experiential Learning, Law/Ethics, Arts & Design

The four groups will assemble in separate breakout rooms to conduct and/or watch the Speed Briefings. Each briefing will have three slides presented in three minutes (download the presentation template below).  The intent is to show all of the briefings in the time allocated. If you are interested in the topics presented, connect and network with the presenters during any Symposium social and networking events.  Again, the overall goal is to foster future collaboration among like-minded researchers and students from across the commonwealth.

If you are interested in presenting a Speed Briefing, please sign up on the registration form.

Presentation Submission Deadline:  March 31, 2022

Format:  3 Slides in 3 Minutes.

Please submit questions regarding the Speed Briefings to

Speed Briefing Template_CCI Symposium.pptx