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CCI researcher's team gets $749,999 NSF grant to study radio spectrum

Sept. 6, 2023

Satellite dishes pointing at sky

Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) researcher Yi Shi and his team have received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant of $749,999 to fund radio spectrum research involving space-based and Earth-based systems.

The SWIFT (Spectrum and Wireless Innovation enabled by Future Technologies) award focuses on satellite-terrestrial coexistence on radio spectrum and optical wavelengths. Coexistence is when two or more applications use the same frequency band at the same time and/or at the same location, but don’t adversely affect each other. 

Shi will serve as principal investigator on the three-year project.

“The rising demand for wireless communications has caused the availability of radio spectrum to hit critical limits,” Shi said. “Coexistence strategies that enable multiple systems to operate concurrently on the same frequency band can enable more communications without causing significant interference to others.”

Other members of the research team, one of six selected to receive a SWIFT grant, include:

The development of coexistence schemes that enable multiple systems to operate concurrently on the same frequency band has emerged as a solution for Citizens Broadband Radio Service and WiFi 6E, among others. 

The project’s goal is to establish a foundation for the evolution of satellite-terrestrial coexistence, enabling terrestrial systems to offer enhanced performance through on-demand and optimal spectrum sharing with satellite users. 

Researchers will address a unique challenge: the presence of passive users in satellite systems. Previous designs have primarily focused on active users.

The findings will provide valuable insights for the Federal Communications Commission’s ongoing efforts to open mid-bands and high-bands for spectrum sharing and commercial use.

For more information, contact Michele McDonald, CCI Communications and Marketing Director.