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Oluleye Babatunde

Portrait of Oluleye Babatunde

Current University
University of Virginia's College at Wise

Research Area
Big Data Science and Engineering, Systems Biology, Image Analysis and Computer Vision, Mathematical Modeling, CyberSecurity

Research Summary
Babatunde is conducting research on data science solutions and systems biology (mathematical modeling and simulation of chemical and biological systems). He’s able to proactively identify and deliver value-add statistical and data science insights and solutions, engaging and influencing stakeholders to drive incremental value.

His deep text analytics experience can help business users discern and capture the Voice of Customers (VoC) from: online media such as blogs, forum postings and news articles; email, chat interactions and contact-center dialogues; and surveys and other mechanisms for collecting customer feedback.


Babatunde, an assistant professor of computer science developed an award-winning computer-based vision system for automatic identification of plant species based on the images of their leaves. He also conducted postdoctoral research in systems biology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His interests focus on machine learning, image and signal processing, systems biology, operations research, and mathematical modeling using ordinary differential equations (ODE), partial differential equations (PDE) and stochastic differential equations (SDE). In addition to his PhD,  he has BSc and MSc degrees in applied mathematics and computer sciences

Alma Mater

Edith Cowan University