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Jeremiah Still

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Get to Know Me

Something that I learned in my research this year that surprised me...
End-users need a better understanding of their cyber situation awareness (CSA). They lack the means to recognize, comprehend, and anticipate cybersecurity threats.

I find the most joy in my work when...
I am working with students to find solutions to real-world problems.

The book(s) currently on my nightstand...
The Design of Everyday Things, Handbook of Usability Testing, Don't Make Me Think!, and Outliers

My favorite quote is...
"The proper study of mankind is the science of design." — Herbert A. Simon

Current University
Old Dominion University

Research Area
Cybersecurity and human factors

Research Summary
Jeremiah Still's Psychology of Design (PoD) laboratory completes use-inspired basic research. He takes a human-centered design approach to develop prototypes that are both usable and impactful. In terms of cybersecurity, his lab focuses on next-gen graphical authentication and employing AI to encourage better end-user cyber-hygiene.

His graphical authentication research has resulted in three prototypes (Cain & Still, 2017; Still & Bell, 2018; Tiller, Angelini, Leibner, & Still, 2019). To begin bridging the gap between research and practice, they have consolidated the recognized usability issues into a list of authentication design guidelines (Still, Cain, & Schuster, 2017). They have also started to explore the over-the-shoulder-attack vector from a behavioral perspective (e.g., Cain, Werner, & Still, 2017; Cain, Chiu, Santiago, & Still, 2016), which is a recognized weakness of next-gen graphical authentication approaches.

Currently, they are piloting the use of AI in the context of cyber hygiene. The goal is to increase end-user compliance with best practices by improving their cyber situation awareness. The PoD is currently collaborating with both industry partners and other technical researchers at ODU. Their teams take a holistic approach to technology development by leveraging both technical and psychological expertise.

Still is an associate professor of psychology at Old Dominion University (ODU) with an appointment in the School of Cybersecurity.

He recently received the prestigious APA division 21 Earl Alluisi Award, and was made a Fellow in the Psychonomics Society.

Alma Mater
Still earned a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction, and an M.S. in psychology from Iowa State University and a B.S. in psychology from Missouri Southern State University.