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Jeff Pittges

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Get to Know Me

Something that excites me in my field...
Modeling, transforming, and visualizing data

I first discovered my passion for this work...
taking my first computer science class in college.

I find the most joy in my work when...
students get excited about learning and when they tell me about their job offers.

The book(s) currently on my nightstand...
The President's Daughter and other books by James Patterson.

Current University
Radford University

Research Area
Experiential Learning, Data Engineering and Visualization

Research Summary
Jeff Pittges works to prepare job-ready graduates by connecting students with employers.

Pittges is a professor in the Department of Information Technology, the graduate coordinator of the Data and Information Management program, and the director of the Applied Research Center at Radford University. He has over 25 years of industry experience as a business executive, software architect, and software developer at Oracle, Bell Northern Research, and five Silicon Valley startups. As vice president of engineering at Cranite Systems, a small software security company, Pittges launched SafeConnect, the next evolution in secure computing, and helped to raise over $15 million in venture funding.

Prior to joining Cranite Systems, Pittges was the director of technology at New Vine Logistics, responsible for the technology infrastructure including all software development and a 24/7 IT operation that spanned the company's extranet applications and web services. He led software development for and launch of the Cisco CTE 1400 content transformation engine as the director of engineering and a member of the executive team at Net6. As chief engineer and product development manager at Accrue Software, Pittges led the development of Accure Insight, a web traffic analysis system, and Accrue G2, a second generation analysis platform. As a member of the Query Processing team at Red Brick Systems, Pittges contributed to the development of Red Brick Warehouse. Pittges also served as chief architect in Oracle's ConText Server Group developing the linguistic engine Global ConText. As a member of the scientific staff at Bell Northern Research, Pittges developed software features for the DMS 100 digital telecommunications switch.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Pittges was an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Utah State University.

Alma Mater
Pittges received a B.S. in math and computer science from the University of Illinois, and both a M.S. and a Ph.D. in computer science from Georgia Institute of Technology.