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Hong Xue

George Mason University

Portrait of Hong Xue of Mason

Current University
George Mason University

Research Areas
Systems simulation modeling, spatial analysis, big data analytics


Hong Xue is an associate professor in Geoge Mason’s Department of Health Administration and Policy. 

Xue’s work has been funded by such organizations as the NIH and NSF. 

He is a recent recipient of the Translational Scholar Award from the NIH-funded Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research. 

He is director of the Big Data and Systems Science Modeling Lab. 

Xue conducts interdisciplinary research in public health and in particular, integrates economics, nutrition, epidemiology, and systems science in studying multilevel mechanisms and factors (e.g., from policy to behavior) related to obesity and non-communicable chronic diseases (NCDs), and smoking (including e-cigarettes). 

His primary research interests are in health economics, nutritional epidemiology, systems science and modeling, (childhood) obesity, mHealth, and big data and machine learning. 

Before coming to Mason, he was an assistant professor in the Department of Health Policy and Behavior, School of Medicine, Virginia Commonwealth University, and associate member of the Massey Cancer Center.

He holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Epidemiology and a Ph.D. in Economics.

Alma Maters

Johns Hopkins University

Virginia Tech