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Arianna Schuler Scott

Virginia Tech

Portrait of Arianna Schuler Scott of Va Tech

Current University
Virginia Tech

Research Areas
Cyber security, security-by-default, interface design, data protection, privacy, organizational security, user engagement, responsible innovation.


Schuler Scott is senior associate director of the Integrated Security Education Research Center (ISERC), Pamplin College of Business. She trained as an interdisciplinary cybersecurity researcher at the University of Oxford, working with clinical researchers to improve online research participation. She also created Proving the Negative, a podcast about cybersecurity research.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Schuler Scott led security work for advanced communications testbeds within rural and advanced manufacturing environments. She is currently associate director for outreach for CCI's Southwest Virginia Node, supporting its strategic agenda and identifying opportunities for collaboration across faculty, students, and businesses. 

Alma Maters
University of Oxford

Oxford Brookes University