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Milos Manic

Portrait of Milos Manic of VCU

Current University
Virginia Commonwealth University

Research Area
AI and cybersecurity

Milos Manic is a professor with the Computer Science Department at Virginia Commonwealth University and is the director of the VCU Cybersecurity Center. He is also a Commonwealth Cyber Initiative Fellow, inaugural class 2020-2022.

As a principal investigator or university partner, he has completed more than 40 research grants with the departments of Energy, Homeland Security, Air Force, Battelle Energy Alliance/Idaho National Laboratory, National Science Foundation, and industry entities, in the area of data mining and machine learning applied to cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection, energy security, and resilient intelligent control.

Manic has given over 40 invited talks around the world, authored more than 200 refereed articles in international journals, books, and conferences, holds several U.S. patents and won the 2018 R&D 100 Award for Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS), one of top 100 science and technology worldwide innovations in 2018. He is also an inductee of U.S. National Academy of Inventors (class of 2019).

He is an IEEE Fellow, recipient of IEEE IES 2019 Anthony J. Hornfeck Service Award. He also received the 2012 J. David Irwin Early Career Award and 2017 IEM Best Paper Award. He serves as an associate editor of Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Open Journal of Industrial Electronics Society, and is IES Officer and Senior AdCom member. He served as associate editor of Trans. on Industrial Electronics, was a founding chair of IEEE IES Technical Committee on Resilience and Security in Industry, and a general chair of IEEE IECON 2018, IEEE HSI 2019.

Alma Mater
Manic earned a Ph.D. in computer science in 2003 from the University of Idaho; a master's in computer science in 1996 from the the University of Nis, Serbia; and an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering in 1991 from the University of Nis, Serbia.