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Jess Reia

portrait Jess Reia of UVA

Current University
University of Virginia

Research Summary

Smart Cities/Urban Data, Governmental & Non-Governmental Policy, Regulation.


Reia is an assistant professor of Data Science at UVA.  

Reia is an AI Fellow at NewCities, an advisor at Urban AI, a member of the Coalition for Independent Technology Research, and former member of the MTL 24/24 Night Council in Montreal. Their work has been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers, and podcasts.

Reia teaches courses for future data scientists on ethics, governance, and policy. Past courses have included a focus on urban data, digital rights, intellectual property, and research methods.

Before joining UVA, Reia was appointed Andrew W. Mellon Fellow at McGill University and BMO Fellow at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Montréal. Reia was also a professor and project manager at the Center for Technology and Society at FGV Law School. 

Reia holds a Ph.D. and an MA in Communication Studies and a BA in Public Policy.

Alma Mater

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Universidade de São Paulo