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Sachin Shetty

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Get to Know Me

I first discovered my passion for this work...
in my first high school computer programming class. I learned how coding can be used for good and bad—it's basically two sides of the same coin. I always thought that cybersecurity was a human problem, but never knew how interdisciplines can come together to address this human problem. I am more optimistic than ever that we can look at cybersecurity from multiple perspectives...something I thought was impossible when I first learned computer programming.

I find the most joy in my work when...
I collaborate with my students to discover new knowledge, that in turn instills new skills in them and prepares them for their career. This resonates with my belief that we need to focus on trained workforce than merely develop tools and hope intelligent automation will the antidote for cybersecurity.

The last time I stepped out of my comfort zone...
Working with a choreographer on cybersecurity research

The most courageous thing I've done...
Hiking a glacier in Iceland

Current University
Old Dominion University

Research Area
Critical Infrastructure Resilience Metrics, Trustworthy AI, Cyber Spectrum Security, Secure and Intelligent NextG Infrastructure

Research Summary
Sachin Shetty's research consists of the science and art of ensuring critical infrastructures are cyber resilient. His research interests lie at the intersection of computer networking, network security and machine learning. 

Shetty is the Executive Director of the Center for Secure and Intelligent Critical Systems at Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center, and holds a joint appointment as a Professor with the Department of Computational Modeling and Simulation Engineering at Old Dominion University.

Previously, Shetty was an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tennessee State University. Within the last 10 years, Shetty completed many large-scale projects with multiple collaborators and institutions and served as the PI/Co-PI on various grants and contracts totaling more than $16 million, funded by various military and federal government departments and private businesses.

Alma Mater
Shetty earned a Ph.D. in modeling and simulation in 2007 from the Old Dominion University, an M.S. in computer science in 2002 from the University of Toledo, and a bachelor's in computer engineering in 1998 from Mumbai University.