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Jeremiah Still

Jeremiah Still is an assistant professor of psychology at Old Dominion University (ODU). He recently received the prestigious APA division 21 Earl Alluisi Award, and was made a Fellow in the Psychonomics Society. His Psychology of Design (PoD) laboratory completes use-inspired basic research. He takes a human-centered design approach to develop prototypes that are both usable and impactful. In terms of cybersecurity, his lab focuses on next-gen graphical authentication and employing AI to encourage better end-user cyber-hygiene.

His graphical authentication research has resulted in three prototypes (Cain & Still, 2017; Still & Bell, 2018; Tiller, Angelini, Leibner, & Still, 2019). To begin bridging the gap between research and practice, they have consolidated the recognized usability issues into a list of authentication design guidelines (Still, Cain, & Schuster, 2017). They have also started to explore the over-the-shoulder-attack vector from a behavioral perspective (e.g., Cain, Werner, & Still, 2017; Cain, Chiu, Santiago, & Still, 2016), which is a recognized weakness of next-gen graphical authentication approaches.

Currently, they are piloting the use of AI in the context of cyber hygiene. The goal is to increase end-user compliance with best practices by improving their cyber situation awareness. The PoD is currently collaborating with both industry partners and other technical researchers at ODU. Their teams take a holistic approach to technology development by leveraging both technical and psychological expertise.

Still earned a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction, and a M.S. in psychology from Iowa State University and a B.S. in psychology from Missouri Southern State University.